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Drukarka Brother Init Unable 46

Jeżeli drukarka brother wyświetla komunikat Init Unable 46 należy wykonać następującą procedure.
Działa na pewno na drukarce DCP-135C

- pull out the AC plug
- put back the AC plug while holding down the menu button and keep holding it (15 sec)
- now you are entering the MAINTENANCE mode and error 46 pops up in the display
- select 8 by using the arrow buttons ,push OK and select 0 and push OK
- 00:00 00:01 OK (the display is showing this message)
- now push the MONO button 25 times until you see PURGE: xxxxx
- Select 2, push ok, select 7,push ok,select 8,push ok, select 3,push ok
- the purge counter indicates now: purge: 00000
- switch off the printer ,switch it on
- ready to print

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